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Coriophora subsp

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Anacamptis is certainly some sort of genus from any orchid loved ones (Orchidaceae); it can be normally abbreviated as Ant in horticulture.

coriophora subsp

This kind of genus ended up being proven just by Louis Claude Rich inside 1817; typically the type species is without a doubt all the pyramidal orchid (A. pyramidalis) not to mention the application at present has around one-third associated with the particular group submitted with the actual "wastebin genus" Orchis prior to when this had been divided up upward for this close in typically the Twentieth century,1] within them a large number of the fact that will be connected with multiple foundation.

coriophora subsp

Typically the genus' methodical name is normally based on with your Decorative word anakamptein, significance "to bend backwards".

These terrestrial orchids transpire on grasslands, limestone or perhaps chalk remains, or perhaps on sand hills on Eurasia, as a result of any Mediterranean sea spot to help Essential Tibet.


Except a pyramidal orchid (A.

Anacamptis coriophora subsp. fragrans

pyramidalis), all group from Anacamptis appear so that you can type an important clade approximately the coriophora subsp orchid (A. morio). These get a fabulous diploidchromosome range of Thirty two as well as Thirty-eight. Some effective personality with regard to different Anacamptis as a result of Orchis – where this green-veined orchid clade was earlier contained – is certainly all the basal combination for this a couple of sepals throughout gender equality with give good results essay small amount of bigeneric hybrids tend to be generally amongst strongly related overal, within specific Serapias.

Hybrids approximately this pyramidal orchid not to mention typically the early on purple orchid (Orchis mascula), discovered in Cumbria (UK) throughout 1997citation needed], have shown short-lived mainly because involving the actual seriously divergent genomic lineages of a parents.2]


As associated with May 2014update], the particular Society Number in Picked out Put Loved ones will accept 11 varieties, 2 along with subspecies:3]

  • Anacamptis boryi(Rchb.f.) R.M.Bateman (S Greece, Crete)
  • Anacamptis collina(Banks & Sol.

    coriophora subsp

    former mate Russell) R.M.Bateman (Mediterranean towards Ohydrates Turkmenistan)

  • Anacamptis coriophora(L.) Supervision posts 2012 (Europe, Mediterranean and beyond to make sure you w Asia)
  • Anacamptis cyrenaica(E.A.Durand & Barratte) H.Kretzschmar
  • Anacamptis israelitica(H.Baumann & Dafni) R.M.Bateman (N.

    Israel, Palestine)

  • Anacamptis laxiflora(Lam.) R.M.Bateman – Loose-flowered Orchid, Lax-flowered Orchid, Hat Orchid (WC Europe, Med that will k Asia)
  • Anacamptis morio(L.) R.M.Bateman – Green-winged Orchid, Green-veined Orchid
    • Anacamptis morio subsp. caucasica(K.Koch) H.Kretzschmar
    • Anacamptis morio subsp.

      champagneuxii(Barnéoud) H.Kretzschmar (W Mediterranean)

    • Anacamptis morio subsp.

      Anacamptis coriophora

      longicornu(Poir.) H.Kretzschmar (W & d Mediterranean)

    • Anacamptis morio subsp. morio
    • Anacamptis morio subsp. picta(Loisel.) Jacquet & Scappat.
    • Anacamptis morio subsp.

      syriaca(E.G.Camus) H.Kretzschmar

  • Anacamptis palustris(Jacq.) R.M.Bateman(Europe, Med to make sure you g Asia)
    • Anacamptis palustris subsp. elegans(Heuff.) R.M.Bateman (Europe to be able to h Asia)
    • Anacamptis palustris subsp.

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      palustris (WC Eu, Med that will Iran)

    • Anacamptis palustris subsp. robusta(T.Stephenson) R.M.Bateman (W Morocco)
  • Anacamptis papilionacea(L.) R.M.Bateman – Butterfly Orchid (Mediterranean for you to Iran)
  • Anacamptis pyramidalis(L.) Rich. – Pyramidal Orchid
  • Anacamptis sancta(L.) R.M.Bateman (E Mediterranean towards Caucasus)

Selected nothospecies

  • Anacamptis × timbali nothosubsp.

    albuferensis (A.

    coriophora subsp

    coriophora × A. palustris subsp.

    Species title :

    robusta) (Mallorca)

  • Anacamptis × gennarii nothosubsp. bornemanniae (A. morio subsp. longicornu × A. papilionacea) (N Africa, Sardinia)
  • Anacamptis × duquesnei (A.

    palustris × A. pyramidalis) (France)

  • Anacamptis × feinbruniae (A. israelitica × A.

    coriophora subsp


  • Anacamptis × gennarii (A. morio × A.

    papilionacea) (W Mediterranean)

  • Anacamptis × laniccae (A. morio × A. pyramidalis) (Switzerland, France, Italy)
  • Anacamptis × lesbiensis (A.

    coriophora subsp

    pyramidalis × A. sancta) (E Aegean Islands)

  • Anacamptis × simorrensis (A. coriophora × A. pyramidalis) (France, Italia, Greece)
  • Anacamptis × van-lookenii (A.

    Orkida tfuħ

    papilionacea × A. pyramidalis) (France)

Intergeneric hybrids

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  • Bateman, Richard m & Hollingsworth, Peter e (2004): Morphological not to mention molecular examination of a parentage in addition to maternity of A. × albuferensis (A. robusta × A.

    EPPO World Database

    fragrans), a good cutting edge a mix of both with Mallorca, France. Taxon53(1): 43-54.

    coriophora subsp

    HTML abstract

  • Bateman, Richard M.; Hollingsworth, Philip M.; Preston, Jillian; Yi-bo, Luo; Prodgeon, Alec d & Surge in demand, Draw t

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